It’s a lie; Being Vegan Ain’t Easy Cookbook

It’s a lie; Being Vegan Ain’t Easy Cookbook


“It’s a lie, Being Vegan Ain’t Easy” is a collection of favorite recipes by Omi Iyalaje over the last 9 years of her life. Living in the South and being surrounded by BBQ and hot wings, it’s quite common to hear people say, “Being Vegan Ain’t Easy.” Omi has successfully brought innovation, creativity, and flavor to the vegan community with her amazing dishes. This collection of recipes is wonderful for those on the path to healthy eating without compromising flavor. Omi has served as the Vegan Chef at Wholefoods/Wild Oats Market where her line of gourmet vegan popcorn has been sold for over 10 years. Omi has also served as a private chef for well-known celebrity guests and artists.

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