About Us

About Us

Healthy eating has been apart of my life for a little over an decade. While being an vegan chef and creating healthy snacks without harmful ingredients is no surprise! We have researched and found the best ingredients mother earth has to offer and is honored to offer them to you as superfoods. Our line of gourmet vegan popcorn is an healthy alternative to snacking with a boost of nutrients.

Our Philosophy

“Keep It Poppin” no matter what life challenges you have faced or will face.

We stand to encourage those women and there daughters to love, nurture and empower themselves one pop at a time.

Made with Superfoods

What are Superfoods?

Superfoods can be plant-based foods that provides optimal health and vitality because of the amounts of vitamins and minerals. That’s why our signature flavor is filled with superfoods ingredients like spirulina and kelp powder.


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